With millions of people on Instagram, it is now one of the top Social Media platforms.  I have been using Instagram since 2012 and love it!   Instagram is a great branding tool for entrepreneurs.   Here are 5 tips and reasons to get you started!

instagram tips for entrepreneurs

5 reasons why Instagram is a great branding tool:

1. Instagram has over 150 million active users.
2. Instagram is a free photo sharing application for all smart phones.
3. Instagram is very easy to use.
4. Instagram images can be uploaded to other social media networks.
5. Instagram has easy to use photo filters to enhance or alter your images.

I find Instagram a great and easy platform to use. The best part is that I can post an image and then have it be uploaded to other platforms. For example I often use Instagram to post on my Facebook and Twitter account.  It’s a great time saving tool for my biz!

Instagram Tips for Entrepreneurs

Instagram Tips:

Be active and engaging:

If you are using this social media to further develop your brand, stay consistent. Try to post once a day or at least a few times a week. Remember to check for comments and respond back to them.

Use relevant hashtags:

  • Though you can use up to 30 hashtags most experts say 5-7 relevant ones are best. Relevant hashtags are anything that is related to your post, your business or industry.
  • Check out these top 100 Hashtags on Webstagram for more ideas.

Promote your Instagram account on your other social media networks:

  • Let your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest friends know you are on Instagram too.
  • Check out my Social Media board on Pinterest for more tips.
  • Start following others in your field.  Schedule some time to follow and start “liking” others in your industry.
  • Remember to follow your followers back too:)

Be strategic with you account:

  • Add your website to your profile.
  • Post engaging images.
  • Be personable on this network.
  • Share behind the scenes, working with your clients, etc.
  • Add CTA’s (Call’s to action) when applicable.

Use Instagram Apps:

  • Statigram allows Instagram pictures to be placed in a widget to share on a website or Facebook page. They also provide account statistics,  monitoring such as the number of likes, the hashtag created for the contest and how many people have submitted photos for the contest.
  • Snapseed is free photo editing app that works perfectly with Instagram to using a multitude of filters.  It is available on Google for androids too.
  • Instaframe is a great app for sharing 1 to several images all in one collaged image.  It is available on Google for androids too.

Both Social Media Examiner and Kim Garst both have awesome strategies and tips for using Instagram for branding and business.  Instagram is a great way to put a personalized face to your brand and business.  For example, I share images of my family, photos of me working on projects, with clients and glimpses into my business and share my personality.  Instagram is a great casual platform to share behind the scenes and informal look into your life as a creative.  I hope I have encouraged you to think about using Instagram for your business.  If you are on Instagram, let’s follow each other! You can reach me here!  I love meeting new people online:)

Have an #instagood week!  





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